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A true believer is one who is willing to trust in God with all their heart and mind, not wavering in faith. A true believer will have no problem trusting in the scriptures. Jesus said, "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water" (John 7:38). When we believe as the scriptures hath said, we will trust, obey and turn from our unrighteousness and begin to search the scriptures to see if what we believe can be found in them, for in the scriptures lie our soul salvation.  Apostle Thomas had doubt. When the disciples told Thomas that they had seen the Lord, he needed to see and feel Jesus for himself. "Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed" (John 20:29). Jesus said, we are blessed for believing and have not seen him. A True Believer have this faith in God.
Repentance is to feel Godly sorrow for the sins you have committed and turn from sin. In other words, repentance is taking a whole new point of view; looking at it God's way. True repentance will cause a broken spirit and a broken and a contrite heart when one come to God. Also, a conversion will take place when you truly repent because now you fully understand that you have broken God's commandments.
Yes.  Baptism is essential to our salvation. For it is the only way to wash away our sins.  The Bible says water doth now save us (1 Peter 3:21) and that we must be born again of water and spirit. For without water and spirit we cannot enter into the kingdom of God (John 3:5).
Yes. Love is an essential part of our salvation.  Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing (1 Corinthians 13:1-2).  God Is Love.
No.  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned (Mark 16:16).  The bible says not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven (Matthew 7:21)

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